Blue Collar Hustle Season 2

Ahh What can I say … Blue Collar Hustle Season II…… So for Starters this is what the project is basically about : “Ajani, Quan, Anthony, and Jose have successfully released Quan's album via their independent label The Core Ent. But what next? When fame and fortune prove elusive, the hustle gets real as wallets get tighter, wits get tested, and time keeps ticking.” So Alonge Hawes (Ajani Garvey) came to me after I was finishing up Cream X Coffee Season I . I had just got through going to ABFF(African Back Film Festival ) for a Web Series Nomination. He approached with the concept and idea and I was down to get started. I was ready to start filming Cream X Coffee Season II , however I honestly had no cue where the production was going. After that i was sated for a deployment to UAE so I accepted the project since Alonge was willing to work with my schedule with him being a Army Veteran himself. We filmed the Teaser and Episode 1 in October and eft. The cast was amazing. they were so excited and ready to upgrade from Season 1 as they seen my work in other ventures. Visually this was a huge step up from Cream X Coffee. I compare the two because this was my second time filming and editing a web series. Lot’s of lesson learned that I started working on so this was something i did with a different aspect. Lesson such as being on time , locations , patience , shots , dealing with people , leadership , budget and go a out for what you want. Biggest thing was making sure between myself and the client was that we understood each other. Great Fences make great neighbors , So make sure you have caruty on where you stand on everything so nothing gets blurred. I will be posting some BTS videos and such from some episodes of BCH… This is some of my latest and Greatest Work.. I have more on the way with this guy… Stay Tuned,,

Jairus Burks