My First Short Film "Greenwood"

GreenWood. What can I say , My First Actual Short Film that I completed . I shot this film in Tulsa Oklahoma and Midwest City , Oklahoma . I actually shot this film with the Kinefinity Kinemax 6K back in 2017 . Since then the fim has screened at the National Civil Rights Museum , Screen.Dance.Now Film Festival and it was also a winner of the Twister Alley Film Festival for Best Oklahoma Short. It took me awhile to honesty find , the talent in OKC. I found a poet name Dacemember Trayor and a dancer name Camille Hagen. It was pretty cool getting them all together to complete the vision. This is my first short poetry fim and there will be many more to come. In the mean time , Spec wise I shot this with Letus 35 AnamorphX Adapter Lens with the Rokinon Cine Lens Kit . KRW Converted To Pro Res 4444 XQ Resolution : Anamorphic 1.33 X (5120 × 2160)

Below are some Photos and Stills from the shoot. As Always feel free to email , me comment and let me know your thoughts……

Jairus Burks